If there has ever been a time that the plant kin are calling us to connect with them, it is now!!! With all the challenges that Covid has brought – physically upon our bodies, as well as mentally and emotionally – keeping our immune systems strong, and our nervous systems grounded, has never been more important.

Born of a desire to share the medicine of the plant world with out local community, it is with great pleasure to introduce to you, the gorgeous women, my dearest sisters, behind The Botanical Community Collective – Kate, Erin, Monique, Chelle, Jane (me) and Laura (left to right) 

We each have our own unique relationship with plants, from growing and harvesting at the ground level, to embracing the creative flow that comes with sitting with the plants, allowing remedies and elixirs to be birthed, and sharing their spiritual benefits and wisdom.

Kate – Queen of ‘Flour and Flower’, has a family farm in Mount Barker. It was originally for Merino sheep, and is now expanding into spelt flour stone milling, and a huge array of beautiful native flowers. Somehow she manages to look after all the farm animals, and stunning flowers as gracefully as she cares for her three children. 

Erin –  Creator of Willows Hearth Apothecary, has a wealth of knowledge about many botanicals and a way with words that makes you feel as if you are sitting amongst the plants with her. (I feel a book coming one day Erin!) She grows all her plants on her “home between pasture and Karri forest on Minang Noongar Boodja”. Working with the seasons of nature and the moon, Erin creates high vibrational remedies to support people through “all the peaks and valleys of life – in sickness and health, in stress and celebration. May the plants bring you comfort and vitality.”

Monique – Mamma of 4 young girls and creator of Many Puddles Flower Farm, has a green thumb that most of us dream of. Her ability to gently listen to the needs of the plants, and to carry her plants with her wherever she goes, as if they are her own children, reminds us of the sacred relationship that exists between plant and human, and when we tend to and care for the plant folk, they will in return, unconditionally nourish and love us back. 

Chelle – Founder of The Herby Hive, is Mother to a beautiful daughter and a huge and diverse array of seedlings. She lives sustainably and regeneratively and close to Noongar Boodja, and is on a mission to educate others to do so, by teaching us how to grow our own herbs and use them as medicine. She seeks to bring women together to learn to propagate and harvest plant medicine, learn gardening techniques, and she creates safe spaces on country, where we can laugh, cry, share, reconnect with our ancestors and sync into the rhythm of the Earth.

Jane – Founder of Cacao Medium and Thirteen Foundation. It is my passion to bring the medicine of Mamma Cacao and the West Australian Flowers to my community, and to encourage matriarchal systems that empower people to thrive with health. The plants, including Mamma Cacao have been a huge support for my own body, and nervous system during motherhood, and I feel an immense desire to give back and share all that I have received. My journey with cacao taught me that many children are exploited still today so we can eat chocolate. I seek to bring awareness to child slavery in the cacao industry and empower people the make more ethical choices.

Laura – Creator of Flower Folk Remedies, and Mamma of 2 young girls, and 2 big teens, has a passion to translate the subtle whispers and healing benefits of the flower kin into remedies that we can mindfully apply to our skin, or drink into our bellies, ultimately raising our own vibrations. Her remedies “soak in from skin to heart” and activate a kind of healing from the inside out, that brings us into alignment with our highest expression. Laura is a conscious gardener and holds a deep respect for Mother Earth that inspires us to be kinder to ourselves and kinder to our Mother. 

Together we bring these botanical remedies to you, so you may grow in deeper connection to yourself and to the Earth and learn how to become self sustainable and efficient at tending to your own needs and nourishing your families. 


Love Jane xxx