Earth Parenting – With Kristi McMullen

Kristi is the literal embodiment of EARTH MOTHER. She has raised four children without running water or electricity so that she could gain a deep understanding of ancient ways living in sacred relationship with the Earth. She intuited the wisdom of the Earth mothers and all those who walked before her, and now shares her knowledge and experience with families and schools in the Great Southern, teaching men, women and children how to reconnect to the elements again and restore right relations with our Earth Mother and Father. She has many years experience facilitating children’s workshops in nature, educating about sustainable living, zero waste, eco construction, and play with the raw elements. She is currently writing a book on Earth Parenting, which I, along with many other grateful and inspired locals cannot wait to read. 

To learn more about Kristi’s workshops and wisdom you can follow her on her Facebook page – Earth Parenting.

Earth play
Earth Parenting

Listen to Kristi on local Denmark Radio as she shares more about her work and mission in bring men, women and children closer to Earth through nature play and education with the elements.