Thirteen Foundation is so grateful to be able to source the most incredible Direct Trade Cacao from Ruk’u’x’lew, a Mayan Women’s Collective on the shores of Lake Atitlan.

Unlike the majority of the cacao on the market that is grown with the intention to maximise profit, and uses pesticides and genetically modified beans, the Mayan traditional farmers of this heirloom Criollo bean, have carried on the essence and teachings of their Mayan ancestors. They continue to practise traditional farming methods in alignment with the phases of the moon, and the seasons of the land resulting a high vibrational cacao plant that has been grown in a ceremonial way full of deep reverence and ritual.

Once the trees have grown and the beans are harvested, the Mayan women of Ruk’u’x’ulew hand peel and then roast the beans in an old stone mill, and the cacao is then shipped across the ocean to Torbay, Western Australia.

There are many grass-roots community initiative projects happening in San Marcos La Laguna, that support the people who call this town home. Due to the covid pandemic health and food security, and housing has become priority, as well as protecting the Lake from government projects that do not consult the people.

$1 from each Guatemalan Cacao product sold from The Thirteen Foundation, will go towards helping Familia Utz Corazon the people of this community with natural homegrown food, healthcare, housing, education and employment opportunities.