The Thirteen Foundation Australia seeks to reduce human dependence on giant corporations, by funding matriarchal systems that nourish families and communities.

Thirteen Foundation Founders Jane and Sham


The Thirteen Foundation is founded by one small Australian family, with a big vision to see our children, and the next generations thrive on this beautiful planet. 

It is a heart-led, not for profit community based service, that offers Community Events, Online Intuitive Guidance Consultations, and Slave-Free Ceremonial Grade Cacao to the Australian people.

The Thirteen Foundation is passionate about educating the general public about child slavery in the cocoa industry and provides financial assistance to small grass-roots community projects in Guatemala and Western Australia, that provide healthy food, plant remedies, emergency relief, and education to children and families

Sadly 70% of chocolate products on the global market use pesticides, destroying the natural eco-system, and contribute to the trafficking and slavery children, especially on the Ivory Coast in Africa. Despite, the biggest chocolate companies promising to eradicate child slave labour, the reality is, it has actually gotten worse.

Jane has spent 11 years of working very intimately with the Spirit of Cacao, as plant guide and teacher. The Spirit of Cacao has asked us to ‘Leave No Child Behind” and to create opportunities that bring the loving hand of compassion to All Children of the Earth.

When you embrace Thirteen Foundation services and cacao products, you are contributing to pathways that support the liberation of children and the rising leadership of women. 

Thirteen Foundation Values


It is under patriarchal and corporate law that many children are oppressed, harmed and exploited to benefit this out-dated system. The Thirteen Foundation stands by the hippocratic oath ‘First Do No Harm’. Thirteen Foundation places its energy and funds into community projects that truly nourish, sustain and empower people.


All children need safe spaces to play, learn and explore freely, integrating with the elements of nature. Healthy children require uninhibited access to fresh air, sunshine, natural food and clean water. Thirteen Foundation funds grassroots projects in Guatemala, and Denmark WA, that provide homegrown food, nature based education, and plant remedies to children.


Each human being is born in Gods image, with an innate ability to heal from dis-ease, and with an Intuitive Intelligence that can guide us on our journey through life. Each human body is divine, and has the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Thirteen Foundation empowers people to develop their own Intuitive Intelligence and advocates for voluntary informed consent to any medical or health treatments and procedures.


Communities thrive when living in accordance with the rhythms of nature and the seasons of the land. Thirteen Foundation encourages people to remember their roles as caretaker and custodians of the land. The Thirteen Foundation financially supports community projects where children actively learn to live in sacred relationship with the land, and adults form deeper relationship with plant kin.


Thirteen Foundation financially supports the following Community Projects 


Founded and facilitated by Kristi McMullen, Earth Parenting is all about reconnecting children and adults with the elements of nature, as our Ancient Ones have always done. These wise ways are put into practise by accessing the raw materials of life, and creating nature based workshops for any age group. From messy playgroup, bush building, and weaving, to survival skills, camp cooking, fire skills and resource management towards zero waste. These classes encourage us to foster a deeper relationship with Country and with the Earth Parents in our own hearts.


Thirteen Foundation sources slave-free ceremonial grade cacao directly from Ruk’u’x’ulew, which means ‘Heart of the Earth’ in the native language of Kaqchikel, and is 100% Mayan owned women-led collective in San Marcos La Laguna.  Thirteen Foundation gives $1 from each Mayan Cacao product sold to Familia Utz Corazon a local community project which provides food, healthcare and emergency relief funds to the people of San Marcos La Laguna.


Born of a desire to share the healing wonders of the plants, The Botanical Collective is a creative collaboration of a small group of nature loving Mothers from the Great Southern Region of WA. They provide locally grown herbs, flowers, plant based elixirs and remedies as well as educational opportunities to encourage people to grow their own produce and deepen in relationship with the plant kin – for a healthy body, mind and soul.


When you support Thirteen Foundation you are contributing to pathways that liberate children and empower women

Direct Trade Ceremonial Cacao

1:1 Online Cacao Journey  

Why Thirteen?

Like most ancient feminine wisdom, the number 13 has been demonised as ‘unlucky’ and misunderstood over the centuries.

Yet in many lineages this number is remembered and acknowledged as symbolic of the Sacred Feminine, Divine Mother, Magdalene and Sophia codes and teachings.

The 13th letter in the English alphabet is M, and reflects the Universal Mother archetype that comes through in the medicine of Mamma Cacao and represents the life sustaining nourishment and unconditional love which the Thirteen Foundation stands for. 

“Mother in many languages begins or contains a prominent letter ‘M’ – as in Mom, Mama, Mother, Madre, Mutter, Makuahine, Mere, Maman, and Mor. Even in Arabic, the word for mother, “Om” has the very distinct ‘M’ sound” Tania Gabrielle 

One of the first sounds that babies make as they learn to speak is also ‘mmmm’ , and we are asked to ‘Leave No Child Behind’.

The Thirteen Foundation is in service to expressing the Divine Mother principle in the world, and trusts that the ancient wisdom of the feminine is rising in each of us during these transformational times on planet Earth.